Obama’s Faith…in Hanuman?!

Obama’s Faith…in Hanuman?! June 25, 2008
The Times of India reports plans by Hanuman devotees to send a gold-plated statue of the deity to Barack Obama, whom they believe to be a devotee himself, and to carry a lucky charm of Hanuman on his person. Hmm…

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  • Perhaps it bodes well for Obama if so many different religious groups want to claim him! That said, his renunciation of Islam has been a bit extreme. A simple, “I am not a Muslim, but if I were, it would not affect my policies and should not matter” would be fine, instead of calling it a “smear.” The same would hold true if he were a Hindu. Although I highly doubt he is a closet Hindu. And if he wants to keep a little charm in his pocket, who cares? “They’re always after me lucky charms!”I write about these things all the time on my blog (antiquitopia.blogspot.com), but, ultimately, it shouldn’t matter if our President is a polytheist, atheist, agnostic, or my new favorite term (which I think I have coined because I haven’t seen others use it yet), “apatheist.” I have a feeling that most are actually this last term–outside of political perception, they probably don’t care if there’s a God or not, but of course this is ultimately unknowable. In the end, aren’t most Christians closet polytheists, despite all the protestations of “three-in-one”? I like Ned Flanders theological acumen, “There’s only one God, except when there’s three.”Of course, I say all of this a bit tongue-in-cheek, because unfortunately for most US citizens it matters immensely. Why else do you think that every U.S. President since Jimmy Carter has, at least during campaign season, claimed to be “saved,” “Bible-believing,” or whatever, with varying degrees of believability. IF Obama were a closet Hindu, what negative affect would the belief in multiple gods have on, say, foreign policy? Perhaps instead of thinking there’s only one God or one way to do things, this will open him up to better diplomatic relations?

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