Religiously-Inflected Science Fiction

Religiously-Inflected Science Fiction October 24, 2008

Sojourners magazine has two pieces highlighting works of science fiction that explore religious themes: “This World and the Next” and “Spiritually-Inflected Science Fiction“. In addition, Paul Levinson has his latest post up about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I love the way the show is exploring the parallels between programming an artificial intelligence and raising a child. A terminator from the future seems to be trying to develop its own Skynet, presumably before the original one can be developed. I think what is going on is that there are AIs in the future that want peace with humans, and they want to alter the past (our present) in order to give the first genuine artificial intelligence a better upbringing, so that it won’t decide to destroy humanity. And so they’ve enlisted the help of a child psychologist! What a great show!

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