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Around the Blogosphere December 12, 2008

At the top of the list must go Mark Goodacre’s post about the failure of the sites Early Christian Writings and Early Jewish Writings to rise from the dead. Fortunately the internet archive comes to the rescue, as usual.

Tony Jones, Fred Anderson and Daryll Bock are among those who’ve reacted (in very different ways) to the Newsweek article on the Bible and gay marriage.

John Pieret looks at the psychology behind Intelligent Design. John Wilkins blogs about finding a god in one’s evolutionary soup. New Scientist has a piece on creationism in the Islamic world. Chet Raymo has a post on exotheology.

Homebrewed Christianity has a great Christmas picture and caption. NT Wrong offers updated Christmas carols, while also explaining how a fart joke made it into an English Bible translation. Sound and Silence says so long to Sola Scriptura.

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