LOST Across The Sea

LOST Across The Sea May 11, 2010

Tonight’s episode ties together some threads and questions, but it is summed up well (as is the series as a whole) in the phrase spoken by one of two characters whose names we never learn in this episode “Across the Sea”: Any answer I give you will only lead to another question. SPOILERS lie ahead.

In the washing ashore of the shipwrecked, pregnant Claudia, I was reminded to the story of Perseus from Greek mythology. But there are important differences. In keeping with the Biblical narrative from which Jacob’s name derives, one of the brothers was a bit of a mama’s boy.
We learned important details tonight. We learn the origin of the “donkey wheel” – at least we get hints of it. In fact, it isn’t clear that the Man in Black ever managed to complete it, and so perhaps we are to understand that he guided others to complete what he started.

Tonight’s episode provided much backstory for Jacob and his brother. But we have still been left feeling that, as different as these two characters are, depicting one as good and the other as evil, or one as right and the other as wrong, really cannot do justice to the complexity of the situation.

If there is one thing that was clear tonight, it is that their adoptive mother did not always tell the truth. And so what did she tell us that was true? With the finale so near, it seems like we still do not know which side to root for. And perhaps that is the point. But at any rate, the adoptive mother is herself an enigma, and she may simply be yet another in a long line of “protectors” of the island who have ended up there, and who could not die except under a certain set of circumstances. Presumably that is why she thanked her adopted son.

“Our very own Adam and Eve…” We have lots of answers, but still have questions. And that is as it should be, since we still have more to watch.

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  • "The white pill, or the black pill, James. What'll it be?"

  • in the official podcast from last week, the producers did say they were trying to make it clear that MIBLocke was a very very bad man/thing.I dont think we're supposed to be rooting for him.. (operative word beign "think")

  • It was difficult not to feel bad for MIB after watching this, but I did read what the producers wrote also. I loved this episode. I also wrote a blog post about it if you are interested at http://connectwithyourteens.blogspot.com/2010/05/lost-across-sea-quotes-questions-and.html

  • I think they may be misleading us a little. The man in black may indeed be bad – very bad. But perhaps in ways that all of us, even Jacob and their adoptive mother, have the capability of being.The book Bad Twin, a LOST tie-in, has some interesting relevance here. It has a bad twin and a worse twin. :)Then again, perhaps the writers were trying to create "sympathy for the devil" in this episode…

  • The writers may say that we're supposed to understand that the MIB is a very, very bad thing/person….but they sure do go out of their way to engender sympathy for him.This episode made Jacob seem like a slightly dull, whiny, mama's boy…..who winds up killing his brother…or merging him to some non-corporeal essence of evil/death.I wonder if Boy/Man in Black, who said that he was "special" is the same kind of "special" that Walt was/is.I also wonder if sideways world is where the writers are leading us….an acceptance of the death of the two warring powers, both of whom don't mind getting their hands a little bloody, and an affirmation that humans are in charge of their own lives.On the other hand…if that's where the writers are taking us….what's the point of Charlie's epiphanies?

  • One way that Jacob's brother is special is that he sees and hears dead people. Like Hurley. And we were given hints that the dead can be more trustworthy than the living. And so in one sense the question is not whether we trust Jacob or his brother more, so much as whether we trust their real mother or their adoptive one more.

  • I still feel as if John's author was writing tonight's episode with all that talk of Light. It answered one or two questions, and that's fine, I reckon.

  • I read a review of last night's episode, and it pointed out that, on the very first episode with "Adam and Eve", Jack said the skeletons look 50 years old.

  • 50 year old Adam and Eve: If you could sit in on writing sessions I bet that the plots and stories have changed constantly over the years. I bet they had no idea what the smoke monster was a few years ago. Judging by the Latin and Smokey's dagger, I would place there arrival in during the Roman late republic to early imperial age. I wonder if the Island has ever been in the Atlantic, we see evidence of Romans and Egyptians but no Polynesians.Back to bones, given the climate of the Island, it seems that there are a lot of bones there that should have decomposed already.On other elements last night's episode was a woderful piece of myth making and the refusal of the story to spell out who is the hero, is a great twist. Our own understanding of the Adam and Eve tale has good as unquestionably good and the serpant as totally evil. Smokey on the other hand is much more identifiable with our selves than the serpent, who in his position would want to stay? Jacob may be doing the right thing but he may not even know why.

  • New theory – the Lost island is Atlantis. And since time travel is involved – with different time zones, if you will, at various parts of the island and between the island and reality itself, the bodies might only be 50 years old. Plus, if they were quasi-gods, then they might decay at different rates.

  • one of the questions answered on either the official blog, or Hurley's (geronimojacksbeard), what that some things, such as metals, have different properties..There is a huge electromagnetic field and it might cause things to decay differently. Also, time is different on the island, so while they might be 50 years on the island, it could be 10000 yrs in the "real world".