LOST: More Thoughts About Across The Sea

LOST: More Thoughts About Across The Sea May 12, 2010

LOST always leaves us with questions, and the catchphrase “Every answer I give you will only lead to another question” is destined to become the summary of the series as a whole. Here are some more things I’ve been thinking about and questions that I’d like answered – even if they only lead to more questions.

1) The ritual with the cup of wine at the mouth of the cave: Did anyone figure out what “mother” said in Latin? When she says that now Jacob has become the same as her, does that mean that from that point he was the potentially immortal protector of the island? Should we presume that once before the role had been passed on to her in the same way, or was she the first protector of the island?

2) “Mother” did not want the boys to know there was a world beyond the island, yet Jacob would later get around. How did he travel from the island? How does his bringing of people to the island relate to his role? It is ironic that it is the man in black who, in the season 5 finale’s opening scene, sounds like the mother more than Jacob does, actually repeating her words. But presumably the “mother” brought Claudia to the island specifically in order to take her boys and raise them. And so perhaps she intentionally set up a situation in which there would be two opposing sides locked in constant struggle. Maybe that’s the way it has to be?

3) The man in black seems to be depicted in “Across the Sea” as a “man of science” in contrast with Jacob as a “man of faith.” The people of faith in the show want to protect the island, while the people of science want to figure out how it works and harness its power. Here too it seems that the answer may be “balance” rather than one side being right and the other wrong.

4) While some have had their thoughts turn to the Gospel of John, with its reference to “light that gives light to every human being.” But the combination of light, water, and a spark that is in everyone made me think even more of Gnosticism and in particular the Mandaeans. Baptism (whether literally or metaphorically) has featured several times on LOST.

5) Damon and Carlton have said that they were showing us that the man in black really is evil. A key question is what, if anything, makes Jacob or their “mother” any less evil. Or is it that there is no avoiding evil, and they are all bad in some way?

6) Damon and Carlton also made an allusion to the scene with the Architect in The Matrix Revolutions. Neo is supposed to return to the source but chooses not to. What is the connection with LOST? Is the hero the one who returns to the source, i.e. the man in black sent downstream into the light? Is being a hero refusing to do what is expected of you?

And here’s a sneak peek of next week’s episode that has me thinking “phoenix”…

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  • I thought about the drink also.Remember that Richard was offered/given a drink by Jacob and Richard seems to be the only other "immortal" on the island….at least that we know about. Was it a special drink? Was the bottle that MIB broke the only one? It seemed to be the same bottle and cork. Does that mean that no other candidate will be immortal like Jacob and his mother?I don't think there have to be opposing forces on the island, because who was the "mother"'s opposing force?I think that eventually Desmond and MIB will have t face off. MIB took the death part of the "light" so when Desmond blew up with the hatch, he must have gotten what was left, the Life part of the light. He can withstand electromagnetic energy, but MIB is repelled by it, which is probably why he can't leave the island in his smoke monster form….at least I think that's what it means. 😉

  • Another thing, and off course this hinges if the writers actually pay attention to history, is that Jacobs mother named him Jacob, so she is eithier Jewish or from an era when Jacob was being used for non jewish names.

  • Hi Dr James,Point 3, seems quite similar again to whats being offered in FRINGE. Particularly that episode where Walter was talking to the man who could jump through time – the one man of science became a man of faith – which ultimately led the other man of science to become a man of faith also.. sorta.@terri: perhaps desmond is "empowered" by electromagnetic energy (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the source of the energy.

  • James, you have been following this with an eye to detail that I haven't. Yet, here are my sentiments. Corruption on the outside world exists and will exist whether or not "Esau" escapes. So, Jacob's myth seems a bit contrived. Moreover, Jacob and his "mother" were more manipulative and evil than "Esau" who only sought revenge. Murder must be worse than revenge. As I said earlier on FB, I feel that Jacob is evil. I don't know what to think about "Esau".