The Bible and Homosexuality: Resources for Sunday School discussion

The Bible and Homosexuality: Resources for Sunday School discussion May 18, 2010

My Sunday school class has been discussing the topic of homosexuality, and we’ve reached the point where we are ready to take a close look at the New Testament passages that are potentially relevant to the topic. I’ve blogged about this subject here before, but want to offer links to web resources which reflect differing views, which can provide basis for discussion in the class.

There are several sites that seek to provide more than one viewpoint:

Homosexuality and the Bible – a dialogue between Walter Wink and Ulrich Mauser
Bridges Across the Divide (an American Baptist conversation)
Loren L. Johns, “Homosexuality in the Bible”
Religious Tolerance
BBC News: What does the Bible actually say about being gay?

Resources from Gay and Lesbian Christians and those accepting of them
Jeffrey Siker, “How To Decide? Homosexual Christians, the Bible, and Gentile Inclusion
SoulForce: What the Bible says (and doesn’t say) about homosexuality
Other Sheep: The Bible and Homosexuality

James Allison, “But the Bible Says… – A Catholic Reading of Romans 1
Steve Schuh, “Challenging Conventional Wisdom
The Bible is an Empty Closet
Would Jesus Descriminate?
William O. Walker, “What the New Testament Says about Homosexuality

Resources from those who believe the Bible condemns homosexual practice and should be followed today
Richard B. Hays, “Homosexuality – Rebellion Against God
Thomas R. Schreiner, “A New Testament Perspective on Homosexuality”
Rob Gagnon, “What the Evidence Really Says about Scripture and Homosexual Practice: Five Issues

Catholic Answers on homosexuality
Guenther Haas, “Perspectives on Homosexuality: A Review Article,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 45.3 (Sept. 2002): 497-512
An interview with N. T. Wright focused on homosexuality. And here is a video of him talking about the topic:

Other relevant materials:
John Boswell, “The Church and the Homosexual: A Historical Perspective
Two Paths
The West Wing did a dramatization of a famous “Letter to Dr. Laura Schlessinger“:

I’ve tried to provide scholarly perspectives where I found them, and beyond that, sources that do not merely restate the text but discuss issues of context, culture, linguistics, and application. Other suggestions for relevant reading are welcome!

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