Real Jesus Challenge LOL

Real Jesus Challenge LOL August 14, 2010

As I anticipated another wave of objections to my comparison of mythicists and creationists to come flooding in, I received this e-mail:

The Mythicists’ Forum is pleased to award $1,000 to anyone who demonstrates that Jesus actually lived. The winning essay will show that the figure ‘Jesus of Nazareth,’ as grandly recorded in the Christian gospels, was a real person and not the pure invention of the evangelists. Further details of the Real Jesus Challenge (also known as the 2011 Historicist Prize), can be found at

Rene Salm
for the Mythicists’ Forum

Now where have I come across a fringe group offering a prize for anyone who can prove the conclusions of mainstream scholarship to the satisfaction of a panelist of adherents of that fringe group? Oh, I remember now! Among creationists! Among the best known of these are Kent Hovind’s famous $250,000 prize, and Adnan Oktar (better known under his pen name Harun Yahya) offering ten trillion Turkish lira.

In fact, in this particular respect mythicism seems like it is worse, a money-making scam, since the Real Jesus Challenge web site asks those who submit entries to also each pay $50 for the work that the judges would have to engage in reading their submission!

At least they aren’t quite as bad as these guys…and I should be grateful that they actually take the time to e-mail me with evidence of their resemblance to creationists! 🙂

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