Fringe: LOST with Answers

Fringe: LOST with Answers November 15, 2010

Anyone who loved LOST really ought to be watching that other creation of J. J. Abrams, Fringe, if they aren’t already. It isn’t exactly the same show, but it might be useful (given the theme of parallel universes on Fringe) to think of Fringe as LOST in a parallel universe’s version. It explores many similar themes and plot motifs, but instead of focusing purely on characters and leaving things mystically open-ended, Fringe offers answers which are at least couched in scientific language.

Last Thursday’s episode “6995 MHz” (which I only managed to find time to watch today) focused on number stations, which I am embarassed to say never came to mind in the many seasons I watched LOST, even though there was an obvious connection to make. Fringe explores mysterious numbers and ancient civilizations, and while it may not keep us in quite as much suspense for quite as long as LOST managed to, Fringe does seem to be managing to explore a unified and coherent central mythology, without simply revealing it from the outset or keeping things so mysterious and disjointed that when it comes time to put pieces together, there are too many to make a satisfying portrait.

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  • I know this will sound like heresy to some, but IMHO Fringe buries Lost. Fringe very specifically has tried to take up the X Files banner and I think they've done it. I've been trying to watch The Event, but it's honestly hard to care about it. Fringe is the only show (except, perhaps for Chuck) that makes me even a little excited about watching TV.

  • If that's heresy, it's one I subscribe to. Fringe and Chuck are my favorite shows currently on TV!

  • Anonymous

    I'm a huge fan of Lost. I watched some episodes of Fringe but it was taken off Aussie TV seven or so episodes into the first season. What I saw didn't grab me like Lost did but the stories were decent enough. The characters were interesting, especially William Noble's character, Dr. Bishop. It didn't hurt that there it was mysterious sci-fi in the spirit of X-Files and that two of the lead cast were Aussies, one of them extremely talented. That's more than can be said for the incredibly bland series – The Event. Such a disappointment.James, I regularly visit your blog. I don't understand everything you're talking about and don't always agree with you but that's okay. Your blog always makes me think and sometimes makes me question why I believe what I do. Thanks!Christian

  • is FRINGE positioning itself as the sequel to LOST? now THAT would be fun. FRINGE could pickup the unanswered LOST plot line. watch for farraday to appear.

  • Charles Widmore on the Massive Dynamic board of trustees…

  • Haven't watched that episode yet (we're about one behind in the UK), but I'm loving Fringe – I'm especially impressed with Anna Torv's acting – playing someone playing someone and carrying it off convincingly – requires all sorts of very fine and subtle control. Stunning stuff. Story is good too 🙂