Happy Mandaic Valentine’s in First Place Day!

Happy Mandaic Valentine’s in First Place Day! February 14, 2011

Eisenbrauns has announced the winners of this year’s Valentine competition, and a Mandaic Valentine I composed has been chosen as the first place winner!

I am grateful to my collaborators on the Mandaean Book of John project, Charles Häberl and Steve Caruso, for catching some errors and making a few suggestions for improvement. But most of all I am grateful to my wife for inspiring me to express my love for her in a variety of languages – and tolerating patiently when I do it in languages that neither she nor most other people have any interest in.

Congratulations to the other winners!

For those who may need it, here’s a translation of the text above:

In truth you are a beautiful woman
You have no need of a love charm
Set your heart upon my heart
and I am yours forever
You took my hand
And I burned with love
Your voice is pleasant and lovely
Your kiss is like honey
Who is like you, my darling?
I am intoxicated by your beauty
I saw your beautiful face
And my aching heart was healed
I will love you forever

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  • jps

    Now aren't you glad you listened to me and sent it in?: )James

  • Anonymous

    Congrats!Hmmm…the lyrics of "Cinema Show" are appropriate for Valentine's Day, aren't they? Care to give that a try in Mandaean translation? :)Michael

  • James, I am indeed – thank you for the encouragement/provocation!Michael, I like that idea. Perhaps we can put together a band for the occasion and split the certificate (or fame and glory) if we win? 🙂

  • James,I must say, you have class. "My aching heart was healed" is very good. The Song of Solomon 7:1-2, "Your navel is like a round gobletWhich never lacks mixed wine;Your belly is like a heap of wheatFenced about with lilies…" I believe this is obvious proof of human evolution. Only a cretin with 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3) could come up with something like that. You have evolved to a higher level, much smoother than Solomon.

  • LOL. I don't know that you get to have 300 wives and 700 concubines without a certain smoothness. Be that as it may, the Valentine I wrote was constrained by the things that I either knew how to say or could figure out how to say in Mandaic. I assume my wife is happy, as was Eisenbrauns, that I don't know how to say "Your belly is like a heap of wheat" in Mandaic… 🙂

  • Power, not smoothness. And power isn't a trait that benefit's the offspring's chances for survival, since that kind of power rests with only one person, and tends to corrupt (as in Herod – either father kills sons, or sons want to kill father or brothers). Anyway, congratulations for being smooth in Mandaic.

  • Oh, I'd have gone for "Your belly is like a heap of wheat." Utterly innocuous compared to some of the ones I, ahem, haven't featured over the years….

  • Roomi

    Please can you send us the translation in English for the
    Happy Mandaic Valentine’s in First Place Day!?

    Ram Yuhana Ber shart Semet