Happy Mandaic Valentine’s in First Place Day!

Happy Mandaic Valentine’s in First Place Day! February 14, 2011

Eisenbrauns has announced the winners of this year’s Valentine competition, and a Mandaic Valentine I composed has been chosen as the first place winner!

I am grateful to my collaborators on the Mandaean Book of John project, Charles Häberl and Steve Caruso, for catching some errors and making a few suggestions for improvement. But most of all I am grateful to my wife for inspiring me to express my love for her in a variety of languages – and tolerating patiently when I do it in languages that neither she nor most other people have any interest in.

Congratulations to the other winners!

For those who may need it, here’s a translation of the text above:

In truth you are a beautiful woman
You have no need of a love charm
Set your heart upon my heart
and I am yours forever
You took my hand
And I burned with love
Your voice is pleasant and lovely
Your kiss is like honey
Who is like you, my darling?
I am intoxicated by your beauty
I saw your beautiful face
And my aching heart was healed
I will love you forever

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