The Creationist Vision of Paradise is Like Living Forever on a Crowded Tokyo Subway

The Creationist Vision of Paradise is Like Living Forever on a Crowded Tokyo Subway December 17, 2011

I’m grateful to Michael Heiser for highlighting the ridiculousness of a typical creationist claim. According to the Bible, the command to “be fruitful and multiply” was there prior to the Fall.

According to young-earth creationists, death was not.

And so that means that the vision of “paradise” that young-earth creationists have is of a world that quickly becomes filled with humans and presumably other living things packed tightly as sardines.

If you get the impression that young-earth creationists make bold assertions and sweeping claims about the Bible, history, and science, clearly without having thought them through, you’d be right. Consider how crowded some parts of the world are in our real present day existence of which death is a part. Then do the calculation to figure out how much worse the world would get, and how quickly, in the absence of mortality.

All aboard the young-earth creationists’ Eden Express!

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  • Don’t you see, James?  There would be no overpopulation since everyone would be, at some point, translated directly into God’s presence just like Enoch without seeing death.  I guess you could say the same for those righteous animals, too.

  • Finally an answer for creationists to the question if whether animals go to heaven! 🙂

  • Cliff Martin

    Mike, that would presumably include bacteria, as without death the planet would be overrun with bacteria long before humans could overpopulate. 

  • Different PaleoBabble! Heiser does not live in the UK!
    Also, from (an actual Heiser blog) “Again for the record, I have no interest in defending Darwin, as I am not a Darwinist. I’m in the intelligent design camp.”
    Let us not attribute to Heiser what is not his!