Thutmose and Hyksos Discuss the Gods

Thutmose and Hyksos Discuss the Gods December 17, 2011

In discussing The Daleks’ Master Plan recently, I neglected to include one important element related to religion. The Doctor, the meddling monk from “The Time Meddler,” and the Daleks, all find themselves in the vicinity of the great pyramids, one of which is being completed and prepared to house the treasures of the pharaoh.

There a number of striking aspects of the treatment of religion in this section. One is the discussion of whether the booming voice of the Daleks’ “voice audio” is the voice of the gods. That the Egyptian characters have names like Hyksos and Thutmose is interesting, if somewhat problematic. But perhaps most noteworthy is what the show opted not to do, which is to have the pyramids be the work of aliens and their advanced technology. That of course became a staple of sci-fi in later times, including the recent Stargate franchise. But at the time of “The Daleks’ Master Plan,” the publication of the books of Zechariah Sitchin and Erich von Daniken that would promote such ideas still lay in the future.

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  • randall.morrison90

    What is all this science fiction crap?  You used to discuss real issues about history, philosophy, science, etc.

    Did you have a breakdown?

    Is this the deconversion scenario that has long been planned?

  • This is very funny indeed. An internet troll who seems to only have one thing to say about anything I write about, namely to express the hope that I am planning to deconvert, asks whether I have had a breakdown because I post about science fiction, on a blog which I have from the beginning called “Exploring Our Matrix.”

    Yes, how very amusing! Perhaps if you actually read what I post about, you would be less confused not only about my faith or about my interests, but might learn that communication is a two-way street.

    But since the last time you posted your periodic spam I warned you that it needs to stop, perhaps you would be so kind as to provide evidence that you are something other than a mere spammer, if you would like to be unbanned from commenting in the future?

    • Today we live in a world filled with stories and motion picutres. Entertainment is ubiquitious and it is employed in the world of sales and education as well. The ancient world had oral storytellers that could only reach a limited number of people, and limited amounts of paper to write upon and no printing presses. Ancient storytellers also built on previous tales as we do today, but today’s edifice of stories is incredibly tall and vast, anyone can and does write tales, from novels, comics and screenplays to fan-fiction. And no one can keep up with them all, not even with the movies alone. The stories within the writings of major religions are but a drop in the bucket of all the moving tales out there now written and yet to be written. And just as we are recombining DNA today we are recombining elements of stories. The future appears to be in our hands, unwritten, or rather constantly composed, re-composed, endlessly, like the incarnations of Dr. Who.