Focus on the Family’s False Prophets

Focus on the Family’s False Prophets October 1, 2012

Two other Patheos bloggers, Libby Anne and Fred Clark, have kindly pointed out that we have just entered the month, October 2012, about which writers from Focus on the Family penned a “letter from the future” almost 4 years ago, detailing the changes that would allegedly result if Barack Obama were to become president.

Fred points out that they get at most half a point if one deals generously with their 34 predictions. He also notes points that were off-target even in their assumptions about the future, in addition to their specific predictions.

Click through to read the whole letter. It will remind you of comparable fear-mongering going on in the same sorts of circles in the lead up to the upcoming election. And it will put that fear-mongering in perspective nicely, showing it up for what it is: not merely ridiculous hogwash, but false prophecy.

The Bible says that false prophets should be stoned to death. I don’t think that such drastic measures are necessary. It would be enough to simply stop giving them money, and credence, and support, and attention. But at the very least, if you listen to these purveyors of falsehood, embrace their teachings and follow their beliefs, know that you can expect to be at most half right about every 34 topics or so that you talk about, if their “letter from the future” is anything to go by.


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