Captain America’s Diary

Captain America’s Diary December 30, 2012

Via IO9 I learned of a series of comics depicting Captain America’s inner reflections as he seeks to cope with the realities he encounters on waking up in our modern world – and finding himself in the company of Asgardian gods, of course. The one above (of which these are only two panels out of six) gets at the heart of what makes reflecting on a movie like The Avengers interesting for those of us interested in religion and science fiction (on which see my earlier post). The imagined worlds of science fiction, and the real world we live in, both raise issues for those who think about theology.

The comic is actually supposed to be Steve Rogers’ comic-format diary, since he was a fine arts major before becoming Captain America. Just another illustration that what you major in at university doesn’t necessarily determine what career path you’ll pursue

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