The Year in Quotes on Posters

The Year in Quotes on Posters December 30, 2012

If there is something that has distinguished 2012 from all previous years that I have been blogging, it is the fact that this is the year that the Facebook page “Christians Against the Tea Party” turned quotes from my blog into images that could be shared on Facebook. Here they are, as well as one I made myself, with links to the posts that are the sources of the quotations:

Source: “The Bible, Inspiration, and Fundamentalism”

Source: “Can Non-Liberal Christianity Be Saved?”

Source: “Don’t Let the Fact That Paul’s Letters are Now Christian Scripture Undermine Their Message and Authority!”

Source: “Before the Bible Was Written”

Source: “Premature Finality”

Source: “Young-Earth Creationism is a Cult”

Source: “Christianity vs. the Forces of Darkness”

Source: “’Jesus Taught Generosity and Charity, Not Government Assistance’”

Source of both: “Mike Huckabee and America’s Sin Problem”

Source: “Don’t Worship a God that isn’t as Loving as You Are”

Source: “Biblical Faith is not Avoiding Doubt, nor is it Feeling Certain”

Source of both: “The Bible, Inspiration, and Fundamentalism”

Source of both: “‘Barack Obama is an Absolute Moron'”

Source of both: “The Bible and Economic and Social Justice: Following Ruth into Leviticus”

Source of Both: “Taxation, Charity, and Robbery”

Source: “So You Wanna Talk About Free Speech?”

That last one may be from a post that got deleted, or a comment on Facebook, or something like that, since I can’t seem to track down where it came from. Anyone know when or where I said it, or if I said it? It sure sounds like me…

Which (if any) did you like? Would you like to see more posters with quotes from Exploring Our Matrix in the future? If so, do tell the folks at “Christians Against the Tea Party” on Facebook, and/or tell me and I’ll make them myself if no one else will, if there’s interest!

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