If Jesus Spoke Like Some of His Modern Followers

If Jesus Spoke Like Some of His Modern Followers December 18, 2012

And here’s a reminder that not all of Jesus’ followers sound like that. Some, I think, sound rather more like he did. A friend shared this quote on Facebook:

praying together as a class in school isn’t christian. and the pledge of allegiance is NOT christian. and plastering bible verses on walls of public buildings is not christian. and nativity scenes in the public square is not christian. saying “merry christmas” is not christian. and reading the bible out loud in school is not christian. being a christian means dying to one’s self. being a christian means forsaking all else for the WAYS of christ. living in the way of jesus, the radical turning of the cheek and always choosing love. helping the needy and the poor. giving up of what you have for the other. believing that jesus will win, love will win. believing that all will be put right, that justice will have it’s way. putting yourself between the oppressed and the oppressor. believing in the power of love not the love of power. truly being last so that others can be first. believing that your inheritance as god’s child cannot be taken away from you so you truly have nothing to lose, nothing to fear. no school rule can stop you from doing that. no state law can stop you from doing that. i guess i do agree that it’s a lack of god in our lives that causes this violence obsessed culture, i just don’t agree that god equals praying out loud in public for everyone to hear.

— Kate Martin

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