National Sound Check Day

National Sound Check Day December 12, 2012

That’s what they are calling today, apparently. Leave a comment if you get why.

At least no one seems to be predicting the date has some apocalyptic significance. Is that because people think that, whereas one dubious apocalyptic prediction in a month is fine, two would be crazy?

UPDATE: Here’s another image that gives a slightly bigger clue, without giving it away completely.


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  • Drat, I just realized I ought to have posted this at twelve minutes and twelve seconds past noon…

    • Smarter Thanyou

      Actually, you ought to have never posted it at all being too dumb to work out the joke. Duh!

      • Seeing as I shared it as a joke with the readers of this blog, what makes you think I didn’t get it, just out of curiosity?

  • Melanie Davidson

    I get it. Funny. I hadn’t heard that.

  • I’ve seen one guy calling it Roadie Day. 🙂

  • Jason Hajduk

    check 1,2 check 1,2 check 1,2

    • Rich Matthews

      I keep hearing Slick Rick in the back of my head singing “and when I’m on the mic there won’t be no delayin’…” 😉