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Around the Blogosphere and Beyond January 28, 2013

Several items have come to my attention that are worth sharing, and hopefully no one will mind my lumping them together.

Evolution Sunday is coming up soon, February 8-10. Among the helpful resources online is a personal testimony from an Episcopal perspective.

The NCSE has asked for input on its new science standards. See also PBS’ ten examples of other things taught in creationist textbooks and Michael Zimmerman’s recent article in the Huffington Post.

Wolfson College in Oxford has a research opportunity focused on neglected languages and scripts of the ancient world. If you are interested in the Mandaeans and their language, this is your chance to do something about it!

Eric Macdonald concludes his discussion of liberal Christianity and theism. After looking at instances of immanentist and even non-theistic versions of Christianity, he concludes, “these liberal outliers of the various religious traditions…are indeed outliers, and could not, even if they wished, form the foundation for a wholly new, immanent expression of the religious spirit.” If Macdonald is right, I wonder why. If he is right, is it perhaps because human beings in general prefer a more conservative approach? If he is right, then is there any more hope for his own non-religious vision to catch on, than for a liberal religious one to catch on? Read the piece and share your thoughts!


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