What, No Wacky Theories Today?

What, No Wacky Theories Today? June 6, 2013

I just noticed that today is June 6th, 2013. That’s 6/6 in the year 2+0+1+3=6.

And yet nowhere have I spotted in the blogosphere or on Facebook someone suggesting that today the world will end, the antichrist will arise, or anything else of the sort.

Could it be that most people are finally tiring of the end-of-the-world apocalyptic hype?


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  • Steve Fletcher said something about the Rapture happening today.


    • Wow, that post is a hundred times wackier than what I said I was relieved that no one said!

      • Yeah. There’s an interview with him on YouTube. I could barely make it through 3 minutes.

    • arcseconds

      I like the comment:

      Loshi oishi6 de junio de 2013 17:13

      are you going to apologize

  • Jon Garvey

    Doesn’t the Scripture say that no-one will know the time of his coming? So it’s obvious that your calculation is entirely correct, but that the world has been blinded to it and only we cognoscenti will be ready.

    Where’s my suitcase?

  • mhelbert

    No, it’s just that the folks who would want to predict the end can’t do math.