Darren Aronofsky Beats Ken Ham for Noah's Ark Realism

Darren Aronofsky Beats Ken Ham for Noah's Ark Realism November 13, 2013

Peter Chattaway shared this sneak peek of the upcoming Noah movie starring Russell Crowe:

Compare what you see in the Answers in Genesis ark park and its anachronistic depiction of Noah’s workshop, about which Fred Clark recently posted:

Of course, talking about “realism” in different types of depictions of a story that is not realistic is itself problematic. But when you are dealing with the text through creative storytelling, and you still manage to get more historical realism for the time period than those who claim to take the story as literal factual historical truth, then it tells you something important about the latter.

Click through to read Fred’s criticisms in detail.

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  • Ian

    Loved the photos of the Egyptian boat from roughly the period Ham claims for Noah. Fascinating.