The Creationist Agenda

The Creationist Agenda January 30, 2014

Jerry Coyne blogged about Genesis 3D, and had these insightful words to share:

It’s a science-y world we live in, and you don’t have to be a genius to see that. If your church is anti-science, you don’t only look anti-modern, you look stupid.  But since some modern science (particularly evolution) violates the tenets of evangelical Christianity, they have to pretend that their creationists myths are actually supported by science. I’d claim that creationist propaganda is more than just getting creationism taught in the schools; it’s getting creationism to look scientific and therefore more credible.

I’m not sure how that fits with his earlier post about the phenomenon of science dismissal. But it does seem that both are on target – often the attempt to co-opt the authority of science goes hand in hand with the dismissal of what mainstream science concludes.

Commenter Patrick said on this blog recently about the supporters of Intelligent Design, “”no one wants ID well-defined enough to be proven, for then it could be disproved.”

Caroline Blyth takes Genesis seriously as a literary work by ancient authors, and concludes, “Genesis is a book that I think explores the human condition in all its fullness and frailty; in particular, its ancient authors seem at pains to articulate the complex and at times incomprehensible relationship that exists  between humanity and the divine. In my opinion, they do this incredibly well.”

Gavin at Otagosh takes Blyth’s comparison of Genesis to a racy soap opera as his starting point, and concludes by asking, “Can Genesis be prised from the clammy hands of Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and their ilk, or has the battle already been well and truly lost?”

Hemant Mehta offered 11 tips for Bill Nye. Pete Enns also had things to say about the upcoming debate with Ken Ham.

Jason Rosenhouse shared this trailer for the HBO documentary “Questioning Darwin”:

And in an older article, Valerie Tarico talks about the role of science in causing her to lose her faith.

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