Did Bill Nye Help Fund the Ark Park?

Did Bill Nye Help Fund the Ark Park? March 1, 2014

Time magazine and Newsweek are reporting that the debate with Bill Nye is a key reason why the Answers in Genesis ark park now has enough funding to proceed.

While some may shake their heads and think this means the debate was a bad idea, I am not so sure. It is not clear that the ark park would not have been built even so, and it does seem that the debate did not win Ham any supporters and may have cost him some. And so, while I am dismayed at the waste of money, I am hopeful that the fact that the ark park will be built does not mean that it will be well attended and manage to deceive significant numbers of people.

See also PZ Myers’ perspective, which is skeptical of the claims made in the articles. Tyler Francke has a great list of better ways the money for the Ark Park could be spent. And HT to Joel Watts for this excerpt from a young-earth creationist book. If this isn’t proof that young-earth creationists are in fact opponents of Christianity trying to make it look ridiculous, then nothing will.


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  • The amount of money needed to build Ham’s Deluge Delusion is substantial, so I seriously doubt that the net income from debate made any difference. Did the debate draw a huge number of new donators? I doubt it. Ham has a limited pool of donators/money to draw from. This is why he is floating a bond issue.

    • Ryan Hite

      Maybe it was not direct donations from Bill Nye, but it would have been the publicity that came with the debate and the probable increase in traffic. I think he may have been waiting to announce the construction for after an event like the debate.

  • micahnewman

    I think all he’s said is that they’re ready to *start* construction on the *first* stage. The main purpose of such a modest announcement could only be to encourage more donations; very few people want to be part of a “lost cause,” no matter how right they think it is.

    In any case, he’s *certainly* not giving any heed to Luke 14:28.

  • TedSucks

    Mr Hamm continuing to build an even more grand tribute to delusion. Kind of creepy, kind of cute in a childish, neurotic sort of way.
    Somebody should get down there and make a movie out of this!

    • Didn’t Bill Maher already do so with his movie, “Religulous?”

  • Andrew Dowling

    The fact that God’s land will be despoiled and ruined by hacks like AIG to build this monstrosity is the true sin.

  • Yes, but while Joel Watts is able to acknowledge the false claims made by creationists about pterosaurs, he seems oblivious to the false claims he made by forging an email: