Red Moon Rapture

Red Moon Rapture April 14, 2014

This came to my attention on Facebook:

If you have never seen one, or even if you have, it is worth getting up to see the lunar eclipse in the early hours of tomorrow morning. But if you are prone to end-times thinking, you would do yourself and those around you a favor to stay in bed.

Or, if you live in the Midwest, you can stay in bed and not bother getting up because they are predicting snow tonight. The relevance of the parody song I wrote continues, right into Holy Week!


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  • Interesting – the whole last half of that chapter seems to be a lot of imagery jumbled together.

    But specifically with regard to the blood moon, the rapture, and the “your redemption draws near” bit, according to this guy (*) there was a blood moon in the sky at the moment Jesus died. If that’s true, that seems to me that it’s easier to tie the red moon from Luke to the crucifixion than the rapture.