Third Council of Nicaea

Third Council of Nicaea May 31, 2014

In remarkable news, Pope Francis and the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople are planning an ecumenical synod in Nicaea for 2025! The Patriarch said:

“[Pope Francis and I have] agreed to leave as a legacy to ourselves and our successors a gathering in Nicaea in 2025, to celebrate together, after 17 centuries, the first truly ecumenical synod, where the Creed was first promulgated.” The Council of Nicaea, held in 325, brought together over 300 bishops and approved the formula of faith now known as the Nicene Creed.

Whether it will be the “Third Council of Nicaea” remains to be seen. But even if it doesn’t quite have the status of previous ecumenical councils, it will still be a significant event.

Given the kinds of topics that were discussed at previous ecumenical councils, it is worth beginning to reflect now on what sorts of topics could and should be the focus of such a council. What would you hope or expect them to discuss and try to decide at such a gathering?

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