Transtheistic Numinalism

Transtheistic Numinalism May 28, 2014

April DeConick continues her quest for the perfect word for a particular kind of religion, one that emphasizes the inability of the human mind to grasp the divine reality that is its focus, and the comparable inability of human words and images to do justice to the ultimate. Her latest post on the topic proposed these two words:


The view that the ultimate reality is beyond the gods that the conventional religions advocate.


The view that the ultimate reality is the numinal, something that can’t be captured by conventional religions.

I am very tempted to begin to describe myself as a transtheistic numinalist…

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  • David Evans

    Since the Christian God is said to be infinite in various aspects, it would seem hard to go beyond him. Unless one resorts to Cantor’s hierarchy of infinities

  • Andrew Dowling

    The human language is limited by nature, so I have no problem with people using words for God like ‘Father,’ ‘Lord,’ etc. insofar as they realize these are metaphorical words and that we are limited to relate the unrelatable to what we can discern and understand.. Way too many begin to think the words used reflect absolute realities . . .see Owen Stratchen’s infantile comments about RHE’s use of the feminine descriptive for God.

  • Gary

    I vote for Trimorphic Protennoia. OK, a little creepy. But what the heck. After a few beers, it actually makes sense.

  • Jack Collins

    Would that make conventional theists cistheistic by back-formation?