Sounds Like a Scam

Sounds Like a Scam July 31, 2014


I have said before that if depicting Jesus’ death as a legal transaction ends up making God seem unjust, you might want to rethink your analogy. Likewise if depicting Jesus’ offer of salvation makes him sound like a Nigerian banker, you might want to rethink your imagery.


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  • Gary

    You’re right. The emails I get from Africa usually begin, “Dear Beloved”. He’s dying of cancer and wants to give all his money to me. Jesus is a Nigerian banker, at least on the internet.

  • Tim

    This is both funny and sad, because it’s true.

  • R Vogel


  • edwardtbabinski

    Reminds me of this classic video involving a door to door scam to accept Jesus

  • guest

    To make it more realistic the letter shouldn’t be written by Jesus but by someone who read about his generous offer in a letter written by a close personal friend of his…of which only a copy survives.