Jesus’ Female Disciples

Jesus’ Female Disciples September 22, 2019

I continue to find the things that I read and watch while working on my book What Jesus Learned From Women fascinating, and the new things that jump out at me as I ask neglected questions truly remarkable. I’ll be sharing more about some of those things in blog posts in the not too distant future. But until I find the time to get to that, here’s a round-up of some things that I’ve found useful and interesting which I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from.

Let me start with the incredible documentary that Helen Bond and Joan Taylor made a couple of years ago, “Jesus’ Female Disciples”:

They also gave and continue to give lectures on the topic:

Taylor’s work is also a focus in this article about how the story of Jesus isn’t just about men. And do give a listen to the podcast episode I recorded with Helen Bond.

This cartoon by David Hayward is of obvious relevance:

Here are some more links related to women in the New Testament:

Lucy Peppiatt’s Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women

Lucy Peppiatt’s Rediscovery

Three New Books about Women and the Church

Women in Ministry

Protevangelium of James: New/Old Views of Mary

Mary of Magdala and Intersectionality by Gina Messina

Uncovering the Invisible Women of History

Review of a book about three biblical matriarchs

Relevant to how one goes about research, which I share to see what others think of it, because some of the advice in it would have resulted in me not pursuing some really interesting possibilities:

On Research Method

Relevant to the broader topic of faith healing and demon possession that is connected with some of the women mentioned in Luke:

‘A Compelling Power’: When Mesmerism Came to America

Sara Ronis shared a classroom activity related to exorcism. See also Graham Twelftree’s contribution to Bible Odyssey on exorcism in the Gospels. Also of related interest:

The implications of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman for churches today.

Report from a conference on gender and sexuality in Catholicism.

“Divorce, Annulment, and Communion” in Commonweal.

Women and competition for status in ancient Rome

Related to all of this at a stretch, or more directly if you think that Mary Magdalene was the author of the Fourth Gospel or Priscilla wrote Hebrews:

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