Bibliobloggers to Gather at SBLAAR at SBLAAR

Bibliobloggers to Gather at SBLAAR at SBLAAR October 26, 2014

Several publishers are sponsoring the SBLAAR (Society of Beer Lovers and Assorted Academic Research) meeting at the SBLAAR (the Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion) meeting. One of them suggested that this would be a great place for bibliobloggers to gather, since publishers like to come to the bibliobloggers event, and so in this way they can actually play host to us.

This SBLAAR Craft beer reception will be at St. Joseph Cathedral (1535 – 3rd Ave., San Diego) on Saturday 22 November, 7–10PM.  It’s a 25 minute walk or 8 minute drive from the convention center.

Here’s a video trailer about the event:

Fortress is a sponsor of this event, and so too is Wipf and Stock.

Does it make sense for bibliobloggers to lend their support to this event, rather than creating a competing one? If there is one thing that is frustrating at AARSBL/SBLAAR, it is the fact that proliferating program units and events often means that those of us who attend the conference can get to fewer and fewer of the things that interest us. And so I’d hate to contribute to that. What do you think?

As for the other Fortress event for bloggers that I mentioned previously, I’ve received this update: Five of the six editors now will be able to do the blogger roundtable at SBL: Gale Yee, Matthew Coomber, Margaret Aymer, David Sanchez, and Hugh Page–plus fortress editors Neil Elliott and Scott Tunseth–will be at there.

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  • Judy Redman

    I am not attending the meeting, so this is a gratuitous comment, but it sounds like bibliobloggers who don’t like craft beer would be fish out of water at the SBLAAR event. Perhaps I am the only bibliblioblogger who doesn’t like craft (or any kind of) beer, though?

    • I’m not sure whether you are the only one! 🙂 But seriously, even though beer may not be everyone’s thing, I know that many bibliobloggers are students and would appreciate having someone else buy them drinks (not that those of us who are in the professor/lifelong student category object to people buying us drinks!). Plus I didn’t want to make the two events competing ones. I figure that, if people don’t like beer, they can always meet with other non-beer-drinking bibliobloggers for dinner and a soft drink or glass of wine or shot of whiskey or whatever, and then come to the SBLAAR just to hang out.

      I’ll try to report on how it goes this year, but even now would love to hear whether there are many for whom this proposed venue is displeasing.