Extraterrestrials and Human Religions

Extraterrestrials and Human Religions October 10, 2014

Hemant Mehta shared the above video, which is based on a new book by  astronomer David Weintraub, Religions and Extraterrestrial Life: How Will We Deal With It? . It might be one to incorporate into a class of mine on either religion and science, or religion and science fiction (the subject spans the two, not yet being something known, but something that we may possibly discover in the future, at which point science fiction would become science fact).

One of the subjects that Weintraub addresses, the notion of original sin in relation to life elsewhere, is one that C. S. Lewis famously addressed in his Space Trilogy, which I am currently reading.

Religions have always adapted to new data. And so the question is less “Can religions adapt?” But “How will they adapt?”

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