LOST Rewatch: Pilot

LOST Rewatch: Pilot October 12, 2014

I have finally started rewatching LOST. There are lots of scenes which I have had in mind throughout the series, such as the iconic one with John Locke talking about backgammon, the strange thing that moves in the forest, the hearing of the message in French that had been repeating for more than 16 years, and of course the polar bear. But there are many which I had forgotten, as characters were introduced. Some were subtle but particularly poignant – such as when Kate took the time to put the oxygen mask on the U. S. Marshall who was escorting her back to the United States.

I think the phrase that jumped out at me most, having seen the series through to the end (although I am sure there are episodes I missed along the way), is when Kate says “We have to go back for him,” referring to Jack, who had fallen behind when the “monster” was chasing them.

“We have to go back” is what Jack will later say in one of the most shocking seasons finales in the show’s history, when we learn that what we thought were flashbacks were in fact flashes forward.

I’ve finally gone back to watching LOST, and will watch with an eye to whether it makes more or less sense when viewed from the perspective of having seen the later seasons.

Have you rewatched LOST since it finished?


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  • AtalantaBethulia

    Just started watching it again for the first time with our kids. They are hooked.

  • Jerome

    No. There are so many good series out there and only so much time … I’ve seen LOST once and that was enough.