Calvinism, Arminianism, and Vaderism

Calvinism, Arminianism, and Vaderism November 15, 2014


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  • Andrew Dowling

    Hard to look at that and not be reminded at how absolutely ridiculous Calvinism is . . .

  • arcseconds

    That’s a pretty poor summary of Vaderism.

    In fact, point 4 is a Mottiistic point maintained against Vader. Vader’s position on this matter is that the Death Star was nothing compared to the Power of the Force.

    And we all know how that worked out for Motti.

    The ‘TK-421’ quote isn’t even Vader. although a quick google suggests that using it as a non-sequitur is a bit of a running gag or something. ‘It is too late for me my son’ would seem more apropos.

  • Guest

    Compatibilism all the way.