LOST Rewatch: Born to Run

LOST Rewatch: Born to Run November 11, 2014

This last episode before the three-part season finale starts with a flashback of a blond woman changing her license plate, using a large stash of them that she has in her trunk, and then taking a shower, rinsing dye from her hair. We discover it is Kate, and that she has used other names. We see her crying after getting a letter, and then on the island, with the toy plane, which we later learn belonged to Tom Brennan, which they put in a time capsule. There is a recording in the time capsule, which mentions that Kate always wants to run away, and that Tom knows why. Kate goes to see her mother in the hospital when she is suffering from cancer. Kate apologizes for everything that she put her through. Kate’s mother shouts for help, and Kate has to run to try to get away. Tom takes her in his car, and gets shot as she tries to evade police. She runs from the car on foot.

Kate Lost born to runThis episode introduces Doc Artz, a high school science teacher, who insists that they are on the cusp of Monsoon season, and so unless they left “yesterday,” they are liable to be blown south towards Antarctica rather than north towards shipping lanes and the possibility of rescue.

Locke shows Sayid and Jack the hatch. Later, Walt somehow realizes, when Locke puts his hand on his arm, about the hatch, and tells him “Don’t open that thing.”

Charlie makes conversation about how his presumed death and then rescue will make Driveshaft’s albums go platinum. Later we learn that Charlie has started writing songs again. Track 2 is called “Monster Eats the Pilot.”

On the island, Kate took the drowned woman Joanna’s passport and put her photo on it, hoping to avoid recapture when she gets off the island. As a result, the truth that she is a fugitive from the law at last comes out, and she loses the chance to get on the raft.

Some treat this episode as a mere filler before the three-part season finale. But there is a lot that moved the action forward – including the conversations between John Locke and Jack Shepard about the ways each of them had used their discretion in not sharing information that they had with others.

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