LOST Rewatch: Adrift

LOST Rewatch: Adrift December 18, 2014

This episode focuses on the survivors of the raft, as well as backing up and showing Locke’s first exploration down the hatch. When Desmond first sees Locke, he asks, “Are you him?” Locke answers, “Yes I am.” Desmond asks him, “What did one snowman say to the other snowman?” and then realizes Locke is not the person he was waiting a long time for. Desmond asks how many of the flight survivors have gotten sick, and is surprised that no one has. The beeping starts, and so Desmond has Locke type in the numbers.

We see Charlie’s Virgin Mary statue. He emphasizes to Claire that it is holy, and might be a good thing to have around, not saying the real reason is the heroin hidden inside.

The episode’s flashbacks focus on Michael’s attempts to keep Walt’s mother from taking him to Rome and allowing her husband to adopt him.

I caught the glimpse of a Dharma logo on the shark, but only because I was looking for it. It is a great example of how LOST was written for an era when people would pause playback and examine details closely.

The episode ends with Michael and Sawyer making it back to the island, just in time to encounter Jin running out of the jungle, fleeing from “others.”

This episode thus features two things that LOST did well: going back to fill in a story we have already seen but adding new perspectives and details; and making us think we know what we are seeing, only to reveal that we were wrong.

LOST Adrift



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