LOST Rewatch: Everybody Hates Hugo

LOST Rewatch: Everybody Hates Hugo December 20, 2014

The episode starts with a dream Hurley had in which he eats lots of food from the storeroom in the hatch, and Jin speaks to him in English while Hurley answers in Korean.

Lost_jin_chickenRight after Hugo faints when the lottery numbers are announced, his mother talks about him needing to change his life. She says that maybe if he prays, Jesus will come down from heaven, take 200 pounds off his weight and give him a decent woman and a new car.

Rose is given attention again after not having been the focus for a while. It prepares the way for the further exploration of the tailies’ stories and her reunion with Bernard, who is introduced at the end of the episode.

Rose is the only one who hasn’t asked Hurley about the hatch, and so when Hurley sees her doing laundry, he takes her there. They inventory the supplies. He knows that everyone is going to hate him when he has to ration out the supplies.

Claire finds the messages in the bottle. She gives it to Sun, who buries it.

Jack and Sayid explore underneath the hatch, and Sayid mentions that the last time he heard of someone pouring concrete over everything was Chernobyl. It would have been useful to remember this when I watched “The Incident,” the finale of the penultimate season. Indeed, we probably should have realized that the plan to set off an atomic bomb was more likely to be the cause of the incident than to successfully prevent it.

Libby is introduced. She tells Michael that 23 of them survived – but then we learn that now there are far fewer. They have been staying in a Dharma hatch.

Near the end of the episode, Hurley shares all the food with everyone, rather than rationing it.

Bernard learns at the end of the episode that Rose is fine.

For a show that could at times be profoundly creepy and deeply serious, this episode is one that helped us to see that LOST could also be profoundly comedic as well.

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