Fifty Shades of God

Fifty Shades of God February 27, 2015


The above graphic came to my attention on Facebook. I appreciate attempts to introduce nuance into discussions of beliefs and views. The above does better than the “Dawkins Scale.” But the color coding doesn’t seem like it is going to be useful. Can you imagine the conversations? “You’re indigo on the existence of God? As an olive drab, I simply can’t understand how you can think that way! But at least you aren’t one of those oranges…” And why are all forms of Deism the same color? Or are they different, and this is just like that dress that is blue and black but looks white and gold to some people, some of the time?

But seriously, it seems to me that there are still too many views – pantheism, panentheism, and polytheism – that simply don’t appear on the chart at all. Or maybe they’re there and I can’t see them because they are in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges?


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