LOST Rewatch: D.O.C.

LOST Rewatch: D.O.C. February 7, 2015

In a flashback, a woman on a bench claims that Jin is not just the son of a fisherman, but the son of a prostitute, and asks for money from Sun to keep the secret. Sun finds Mr. Kwon, Jin’s father. He tells her that Jin’s mother was with many men, and left him with the baby. He tells Sun not to tell Jin that she met him, or that his mother is still alive. Sun asks her father for $100,000. She says that she has pretended not to know what he does, and will continue pretending, if he gives her the money. Her father says that, if the money is for Jin, then he will bear the debt. Sun realizes that the woman is Jin’s mother, and gives her the money, but threatens her as well.

On the island, Sun is concerned that the Others might want her baby, and that Jack might be working with them. When Sun learns that Juliette was the fertility doctor for the Others, Sun asks her about her research – why do they take children, and what happens to pregnant women on this island. Juliette says they all die. Juliette takes Sun by night to the Dharma station to give her an ultrasound, and determine the D.O.C. – date of conception. Sun tells Juliette about sleeping with someone other than her husband. Juliette says she is helping Sun because she wants to bave the experience of giving good news about a pregnancy again. Juliette takes Sun into a secret room, with an ultrasound. Juliette tells Sun that that is where they brought the women to die. Juliette explains that the island has affects on people, even on sperm counts. Sun says she loses either way – if she is to live, it means the baby is not Jin’s. But it turns out the baby was conceived on the island. Sun is delighted that the baby is Jin’s. Juliette says that none of the women she treated made it to their third trimester.

Juliette leaves a message for Ben on a tape recorded in the Dharma station. She also says she hates him when it is not recording.

We see Mikhail suddenly appear out if the jungle where the parachutist has been found. Jin tackles him and they fight. Mikhail offers to help treat the woman’s punctured lung, but in exchange, he demands that they let him walk away afterwards. After he treats her, she says something to him in Portugese. Mikhail says that she thanked him, but what she said was, “I am not alone.” They let Mikhail go, just barely stopping him from taking the parachutist’s satellite phone. They make a stretcher. Desmond noted that the crash survivors have killed more of the Others than the Others have killed of them.

At the end of the episode, the parachutist says it is impossible that they are survivors of flight 815, since they found the plane and there were no survivors.

The episode does a number of interesting things. It reminds us again (and I didn’t notice how frequently it did so when LOST first aired) that the Others are not the murderous fiends we assumed. It plays with the idea of the survivors of the crash not having survived at all, with a nice cliffhanger. And it also carries further the stories of Sun and Jin, their baby, and their reconciliation.


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