Do You Know How To Hovind?

Do You Know How To Hovind? March 3, 2015

Everyone knows that you can Google. Did you know that you can also Hovind? Notorious charlatan and tax evader Kent Hovind is fairly well known. But his son Eric has followed in his father’s footsteps (with respect to his anti-science stance, not with respect to tax evasion), and has created as search engine that allows you to avoid getting all that nasty accurate information that one might find via Google (assuming one is lucky and knows how to search).

It is called Search Creation. Which is misleading, because you aren’t searching the entirety of creation, you are searching one narrow and deceitful definition which pretends it is the only one. It only finds results on “approved” web sites.

Of related interest, I also learned recently about a service called Do Not Link. It allows you to link to web sites without increasing their traffic and their search ranking in the process. It seemed appropriate to link to “Search Creation” that way, lest its prominence be increased as a result of my mentioning it here.



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  • If I google for an important phrase, the first page will usually include a link to a Wikipedia entry.

    I tried that with “Search Creation”. None of my tests returned a link to a conservapedia page, though there was often a CreationWiki page.

    I am underwhelmed.

  • Bill Ludlow

    That’s awesome! Now creationists can find all the answers to their questions without having to view all that sciency stuff.