LOST Rewatch: Ji Yeon

LOST Rewatch: Ji Yeon March 10, 2015

Jin says he wants to name the baby Ji Yeon. Sun says it is bad luck to talk about that at this stage.

Ji YeonIn a flash forward, we see Sun call an emergency number – she says she is pregnant, and she things something is wrong. But later, we see that she manages to give birth to a healthy daughter.

Very cleverly, we are also shown flashbacks of Jin which we assume are connected with the same time period. Jin buys a large panda, saying he has to get to the hospital maternity ward.

Jin’s statement, “Wherever Sun go, I go,” is poignant given that, at the end of the episode, we discover that he had not managed to get off the island with her. So too when he says, “You will never lose me.”

Juliette tells Jin about the affair Sun had. Jin goes fishing with Bernard. He talks with him about karma. Later, Jin makes Sun dinner, and says that he knows that before they came to the island, he was a different man, and withheld his affections. What she did, she did to that man, and it was his fault, and he forgives her.

The captain of the freighter tells Desmond and Sayid that he takes orders from Charles Widmore. He has a data recorder which is supposed to have come from Oceanic 815. He tells them that the recovery was staged.

Sayid and Desmond are introduced to Kevin Johnson – it is Michael!

Hurley goes to Korea to see Sun and her baby. They go to see Jin – at a graveyard. But the date on the monument suggests that he died in the plane crash, leaving us guessing about what actually happened.



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