LOST Rewatch: Something Nice Back Home

LOST Rewatch: Something Nice Back Home March 13, 2015

In this episode, near the beginning Jack collapses after advising that everyone be patient, since Dan and Charlotte’s people will come back for them. Juliette realize it is his appendix, so she sends people to get surgical equipment from the medical station. Rose wonders why Jack is sick, since on the island people get better. Bernard asks whether she thinks Jack has done something to “offend the gods.”

The title of the episode comes from a phrase that Bernard uses, when he suggests to Jack as they start surgery that he might prefer to be knocked out with chloroform, and dreaming about “something nice back home.” Eventually they do need to do that.

In a flash forward, we see Jack and Kate living together. There is a toy Millenium Falcon on the floor. Later, we see him reading Alice in Wonderland to Aaron. On another occasion, Jack wakes Kate up, asks her if she really meant it when she said that he was good at parenting. She says yes. Jack asks Kate to marry him, and she says yes.

At the hospital, Jack thinks he sees his father. Then he gets a call and goes to see Hurley. Jack asks him why he isn’t taking his meds. Hurley says it is because they are all dead, that none of the Oceanic Six got off the island. He suggests that Jack and Kate being together is like heaven. Jack says that just because he is happy doesn’t mean this isn’t real. Hurley says that Charlie has been appearing to him, and had a message for Jack: “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack.” He also tells Jack that he will have a visitor soon too. Late one night, Jack hears and sees his father at the hospital. He asks a colleague for a prescription for something to help him sleep. When Jack gets home, Kate is talking to someone, and Jack overhears her saying that she could come and stay for an hour, since Jack never gets home before 8pm. After she goes up to bed, he takes some pills, and washes them down with a beer. Jack gets angry and confronts Kate about where she went. Kate says she did something for Sawyer. They argue, and when Kate mentions her son, Jack says, “You’re not even related to him,” and Aaron may have overheard.

While Sawyer and Claire are walking through the jungle, Miles hears voices. He realizes that Danielle and Karl were killed and buried there. At night, Claire wakes up and sees her father holding Aaron. She walks off into the jungle, but leaves Aaron behind.

Jin realizes that Charlotte knows Korean. He tells her to take Sun off the island when the helicopter comes back.

Do you think that Charlie’s message for Jack was about Aaron? Or was it about “raising” Locke from the dead?

LOST Jack reading to Aaron

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