Hacking S’mores

Hacking S’mores April 13, 2015

A former student of mine shared a photo on Facebook with the kind of life hack which deserves to be shared, not just to help others imitate it, but also because it illustrates the kind of creative mind one develops when one has a Butler education.

You know how we make s’mores as a sandwich, and when we heat them, the contents melt and spread and drip? Well Aaron Abrahamson Cote (of Cote Percussion – check it out!) came up with this solution:

Cote Smore Hack

Tuck the graham cracker and chocolate inside the marshmallow. Brilliant idea! Please spread the word, and if you try it out, let me know how it works for you.

What great life hacks and inventive practical solutions to common problems have you come across that are worth sharing?

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  • The Eh’theist

    Neat idea. If this catches on, companies will likely start making much larger marshmallows to make this even easier.

    My own food hack is similar. I cut one of the points off of a samosa and drizzle in some tamarind chutney, which soaks down through the whole samosa filling,giving me the yummy taste of samosa and chutney without the mess of repeated chutney dipping.