ReligionProf Podcast with Aaron Abrahamson Cote

ReligionProf Podcast with Aaron Abrahamson Cote September 10, 2020

I promised a few months ago that sometime soon I would have a conversation with Aaron Abrahamson Cote, a Butler graduate who is a musician and recently started a project called Songs of Scripture. Well, yesterday we finally made it happen. Here is the latest episode of the ReligionProf Podcast with special guest Aaron Cote:

In addition to the usual audio-only version of the podcast, here’s a special video edition!

Check out the project’s YouTube channel, or better yet, pay a visit to the Songs of Scripture website where you can find sheet music, sample recordings, and much more. There is also a Facebook group dedicated to the project.  You should also follow Aaron himself on Twitter and/or Facebook to hear more of his music.

I thought about substituting a bit of one of Aaron’s songs in place of the usual theme music for the ReligionProf Podcast. But I decided that it was probably better to get the podcast released more quickly. Moreover, the theme music (for those who may not know) is actually from an instrumental version of a setting of words from the Book of Amos that I created back in 2016, motivated and inspired by my first time teaching the course on the Bible and music that Aaron and I talk about in the podcast. The song is called “Yahweh, God of Star-Armies.” I still hope to arrange for a recording of the song for vocalist, piano, and trumpet. In the meantime, you can find the video on YouTube and the sheet music on IMSLP. But I recommend going to my blog post from 2016 in which I talk about the song and what led to my writing it.

Setting Amos’ Hymn Fragments to Music

Funnily enough, there is one other time that I have mentioned Aaron here on the blog, apart from when I promised there would be a podcast: it was to draw attention to his very clever hack of the s’more. I mention it again not just for the sake of nostalgia, but because it is a testament to the breadth of his creativity!

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