Staring at their Hands in Despair

Staring at their Hands in Despair April 7, 2015

Bizarro in heaven without cell phones

April 1st’s Bizarro is funny, but also problematic. How can people who are engaging in constant conversation be “incapable of conversation”? But I am happy to see a depiction of an afterlife without cell phones. Can you imagine how long it would take you to get from one cloud to another if you were stuck behind a group of people texting as they walk?

In connection with the present, do you find that cell phones mainly connect people or divide people? Or do they do both, and if so, how might we work to create a culture that harnesses the connecting power of technology while minimizing its divisive effect?

But also feel free to discuss the question of afterlife, whether there could be one and what it might be like. I am including a poem by Patrick Philips, “Heaven,” that is currently displayed in New York subway cars below, to spark discussion on that.



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