Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy Theorists May 24, 2015

conspiracy theorist Fred Clark quote

A conspiracy theorist is someone whose circumstance has conspired to make fantasy preferable to reality. They are unlikely to abandon their alternate reality until we can show them some alternate to the reality they’re fleeing — something better than the powerlessness and the meaninglessness that made the fantasy game seem like a more attractive choice.

– Fred Clark

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  • Videos like this help us conspiracy theorists live out our fantasies:

  • I’m pretty sure that’s actually a description of theism, not conspiracy theorism.

    • Since I’m a theist and a conspiracy theorist, I get to live out a lot of my fantasies.

    • Fun play on words, to be sure. And many forms of theism do involve conspiracy theories in the sense of the same selective appeal to evidence to weave a narrative against the grain. But the issue is by no means limited to theism, nor conversely do all theists engage in this sort of thinking.

  • John Pieret

    Unfortunately, much of our present politics is consumed in conspiracy theories, particularly around such non-events as Jade Helm 15, BENGHAZI and the like.

    • I would say that not all conspiracy theories are created equal.

  • John Pieret

    BTW, James, any thoughts about the Irish referendum? Despite my name, my heritage is mostly Irish (boatloads of Conklin and Regan relatives). I’m so proud today!

    • I am proud and delighted, and wonder whether and how relatives and other people I know in Ireland voted.

    • The fact that the word conspiracy is used in its historic sense does not mean that we are dealing with a “conspiracy theory” in the pejorative sense. If the article posited that this was part of a plot by the Muslim president to bring ISIS to power in the US, that would be rather different. I do not think that anyone who critiques conspiracy theories denies that there are conspiracies, of the sort attested throughout history.