Stop Praying for Peace in Baltimore

Stop Praying for Peace in Baltimore May 1, 2015

Ben Irwin Stop Praying For Peace

Ben Irwin shared a wonderful updating of a post he wrote about Ferguson, but which applies equally well to Baltimore, and from which the quote above is an excerpt. It is called “Stop praying for peace in Baltimore.” Click through to read more of it.


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  • So James really does support the 9/11 attacks. Pretty surprised, but I shouldn’t be. Should I begin expecting every leftist to become an armchair Communist revolutionary?

    • David Evans

      I’m sorry, I’ve read every word above, and I can’t see where James supports the 9/11 attacks even by implication. As far as I know the Baltimore rioters haven’t killed anyone.
      BTW, the 9/11 hijackers were not Communists. The opposite, if anything.

      • Of course the 9/11 hijackers were anti-Communist. And I never said anything contrary to that. I did imply James was, or was very close to being “an armchair Communist revolutionary”; a statement I find accurate. “Haven’t killed anyone” is a very low bar to clear.

        BTW, this is an absolutely great post on this issue:

        • David Evans

          You have not supported in any way your contention that James supported 9/11. Not that I expected you to, that’s a very high bar.

          I quote from the post you link to:

          “I see the conflagration being kindled by an Establishment that presumes straight white men are explicitly guilty until proven innocent and implicitly guilty irrespective of the evidence”

          Well, then, it must be the case that a white cop who shoots an unarmed black man has a high probability of going to prison. That’s not what I see happening.

          • Local Establishments can (and do) often behave very differently the national one.

          • David Evans

            If the national establishment cannot enforce its will locally, isn’t it too powerless to worry about?

          • No. It just moves fairly slowly. For example, there might have been a ten-year gap between Brown v. Board and any significant school integration, but that doesn’t mean the former didn’t lead to the latter.

  • By doing this, James, you aren’t making me more sympathetic to your views. You’re making me think Black genocide is the only solution to prevent subversives like yourself from turning America into a massive ghetto. No Blacks, no Black problems for chaos-lovers to complain about.

    • The fact that you think that my post, and not your talk of genocide, is the problem is telling. You aren’t the first to move from ghettos to extermination, but you do seem blissfully unaware of how ghettos are created in the first place.

      • Do I have to repeat my points on the non-existence of Black-majority first-world countries (other than maybe a single tax haven which only gained independence in 1973), again? Or about how American Blacks’ Portugese/Latvian per capita income (PPP) is higher than that of any Black-majority country which is not either a tax shelter (e.g., Bahamas) or oil state (e.g., Equatorial Guinea)? In free societies (unlike premodern Germany or Maoist China), such as the United States, Canada, Romania, Britain, Sweden, and France, ghettos are not a geographical location. They are the direct products of the people who live in them.

        I’m seeing the ghetto move (at a creeping pace) into the area around where I live right now. I’m seeing how (geographical) ghettos get created right before my eyes. So how can I be “blissfully unaware” of how (geographical) ghettos are created? It’s not pretty. I’m pretty astonished you manage to live where you do and still hold your present views. The system in America isn’t great, but it isn’t totally broken, either (as it is in, say, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa).

        Pakistainis in Britain, Arabic-speakers in France and Sweden, and Roma (who are of Indian/Pakistani origin) in Romania are all examples of what happens when unsuitable people come into fine systems.

        • In what way are Pakistanis in Britain “unsuitable people”?

          • Rotheram is just the tip of the iceburg of Pakistani social dysfunction in the U.K.

          • There are undoubtedly networks of white people committing similar crimes in the UK (and they seem to have been protected by senior government and police officials in the not too distant past). A lot of white people in Rotherham also completely failed to do their jobs – police and social services.

          • Very true. But the Pakistani poverty rate in the U.K. is double the White rate and British Pakistanis, on average, seem to commit crimes on a greater scale than their population share:
            However, British South Asian crime does not typically, as with British Afro-Caribbeans, rise during the second generation:
            Also, second-generation Pakistani British generally have lower educational outcomes than British Whites (see Fig. 2 of the above article). The situation is even worse for British Bangladeshis.

          • Hmmm… I tend to think that such statistics need an awful lot of unpacking. For example, when you adjust for factors like the age profile of ethnic minority groups and the higher poverty rate, how does that affect the rates of crimes committed by different groups? Similarly, with education it’s true that Bangladeshis do badly in the UK, but so to do working class white boys. I suspect that both groups suffer from living in areas that typically have poor schools, and not that many job prospects, so not much encouragement to do well at school. Incidentally, the Indian community has done pretty well in the UK.

          • The impoverished state that earns ghettos their name has as much to do with the economic status of those living there as with their ethnicity, although they never seem to be called “ghettos” unless there is some change of shade in skin color or culture, and that in itself speaks volumes.

            I would also love to know what, if anything, Enopoletus knows first-hand about places like Latvia or Romania – or for that matter, Britain.

          • Name six white ghettos that you know in your area (Indianapolis). I can easily rattle off six black ones in mine. Also, do you even watch the videos you post?
            “I would also love to know what, if anything, Enopoletus knows first-hand
            about places like Latvia or Romania – or for that matter, Britain.”
            -Hardly anything. Although, assuming the general Communist-created pattern I know from Russia and Belarus holds in Romania and Latvia (which is extremely likely in the case of the latter; the former had a dictatorship with poor relations with the USSR), there are likely be no ghettos there except, possibly, Roma ones in Romania; crime should be fairly evenly distributed throughout the length and breadth of the cities. I was only in Britain as a tourist; I simply didn’t inquire much about these matters when I was there in the late 1990s.

          • You cannot really have a ghetto in a meaningful sense when you have not distinguished a particular people from those with access to political nd economic power. There were no German ghettos in Nazi Germany, which is not to say that there were no Germans living in poverty, but that ghettoization involves discrimination along racial, ethnic, or cultural lines.

          • Which is why there are so many White and Chinese ghettos in South Africa.

          • “ghettoization involves discrimination along racial, ethnic, or cultural lines”
            -Is this statement falsifiable?

      • BTW, there is at least one example of government-created ghettos in the U.S. today, but it has nothing to do with U.S. Blacks-
        Native American reservations. Those should be dismantled right away and their residents should be integrated into normal society. I’ve never seen one in real life, though, and I doubt most Americans have.

        Unlike many conservatives, I don’t consider government-subsidized housing to be a big contributor to the formation of ghettos. It simply contributes to the starkness of their looks and their location.

        • Michael Wilson

          Enopoletus, 1. Would you describe your self as racist? Do you feel genetics explains the unsuitability of the people you nention? 2. Are you Romanian by chance? Just curious, seems to come up. 3. I’ve been to a reservation, pretty normal really, just poor. I disagree on dismantling. They are what is left of their national state.

          • TrevorN

            After following James’ blog for a while I still don’t know whether Enopoletus is a troll or just a thoroughly unpleasant human being with concomitantly venomous opinions. Either way, he’s probably best ignored.

          • 1. I do not consider myself a racist, though I do consider myself a eugenicist. When Bryan Caplan formed his thought experiment on Eugenic America, I did not think it was a good argument against immigration restrictions, I thought it would be awesome, and a great argument for immigration restrictions. If skin and eye color are hereditary, and have a strong correlation with common racial identifications, then why not behavior? Obviously, genetics is not the only factor in social progress -compare Haiti and Barbados-but it is quite likely an important one. For example, the Black-White IQ gap is already 100% apparent by age 5:
            and several adoption studies also support the idea that mean racial differences in ability are mostly independent of parenting:

            Probably the smartest person I ever met was Black (got into Harvard, very dark-skinned, long legs, civil servant parents). However ~80% of the Blacks I see (including some high-skilled African immigrants) I find woefully unimpressive, not just in ability, but in general behavior.
            2. No, I’m Russian, not Romanian. I was using Romania as an example because James has been there.
            3. True, the reservations are what is left of their tribal forms of government (never “national state”, I think). But they are a joke when in the context of a modern, multi-national democratic state such as the U.S. The legal issues alone create strong barriers to investment in these areas, lowering social mobility.

          • Andrew Dowling

            LOL . . .so in other words you’re a racist.

          • And what are you?

          • Michael Wilson

            Thanks for the clarification. I sometimes agree with your points but I had trouble following what you were trying to say with all the talk of african countries and all. On eugenics, I’m not a fan of the practice as policy, and I’m reserved on the theories. I do think intelligence is hereditary, that seems common sense, and I think you have to be open to the idea of variability between groups of of people. The correlation doesn’t seem high enough in race to justify race based dicrimination, and I think it impolite to try and arrange hierarchies of quality by race. At any rate we exist as individuals, I know I’m smarter than some black people and dumber than others.

            I’m not sure how much the differences in IQ between blacks and others accounts for conditions if blacks in America or any where else. There seem to be a lot of other plausible reasons. For example, Russia compared to the rest of Europe is a cesspool of crime and poverty, but I don’t think we should first consider Russian IQs, Russia’s history of authoritarian rule I think is more immediate.

          • I think that the nature of IQ and its relationship to education and to economic realities needs to be considered. If your great grandparents were not allowed education, and your grandparents could not afford education after the law changed, and your parents worked two jobs and so had no time and little ability to read to you as a child, you are not starting on a level playing field. But it is not for genetic reasons. It is a direct ongoing result of past injustice.

          • Michael Wilson

            Right, especially since precisely testing IQ is difficult. Education and upbringing probably effect the out come, though being uneducated doesn’t mean you have a low IQ nor does great education guarantee high IQ. But I’m open to it explaining some varriation.

          • Michael Wilson

            Personally I don’t think IQ plays a significant role in Baltimore’s problems.

          • I do (though I don’t know if it’s the most significant variable).

          • “you are not starting on a level playing field”
            -And you and your ethnic peers in similar situations have taken over the most selective New York City High Schools. Nice try; not buying it.

          • My ethnic peers have taken them over? When did Caucasians not have the predominant influence in New York City’s high schools? I am guessing you don’t know New York City, either. Where are you living, that you comment about other places with such a high degree of ignorance about the realities? Wherever it is, I hope you get to travel and broaden your horizons, instead of imposing your views on places instead of getting to know your fellow human beings.

          • “My ethnic peers have taken them over? When did Caucasians not have the predominant influence in New York City’s high schools?”
            -James, look how I was using “your” and “you”. I wasn’t thinking of boring old White people like us. I was using it as you were in the last sentence of the comment I was replying to. If you actually knew anything about the demographics of New York City High Schools, or actually read my comment, you’d know that they are not majority White, and that the most selective New York City High Schools are not majority White, either. Nor can this be attributed to high incomes of the parents of the non-White students. As for timing, I’m guessing the 1970s (though it could have been as late as the 1980s or 1990s). Certainly not before.

            “Where are you living, that you comment about other places with such a high degree of ignorance about the realities?”
            -Midwestern U.S., within a day’s driving distance of you. Wildly nonspecific, yes, but still useful enough info. Also, there’s a thing called the Internet. It allows you to know about the realities of other places without actually living in them.

          • If I actually knew something about NYC high schools? I went to one, and lived in the Balkans, and have visited the Baltic, and yet you continue to invoke hese places as though you actually knew something about them. You have quite some nerve!

          • This is why data is superior to anecdote. New York City’s (government, which is what matters, as this is where most students go) school student body is a solid 15% non-Hispanic White .
            New York City’s top High School, Stuyvesant, is a solid 24% (presumably non-Hispanic) White (and, I suspect, is majority Chinese).

            I can’t find a good page on income distribution among ethnic groups among households with students attending Stuyvesant. 2010 data on Chinese median household income in NYC should be available somewhere, but I can’t yet find it.
            “Chinese per capita income of $23,315 was lower than the citywide per capita income of $30,717.”
            Made a silly error (“household” v. “per capita”) in a previous version of this comment. My apologies.
            In any case, James, I can conclude one or more of two things:
            1. You’re terrible at noticing what’s in front of your nose (this is not a sin, but claiming noticing what’s in front of your nose is more important than looking at public data while being so is).
            2. You’re ignorant of the most fundamental freely available public data directly relating to this topic.
            At least I have partly cured you of #2.

            When and why have you visited the Balkan states? Which ones? Their languages are non-Slavic, and, so, incomprehensible to me. I understand written Bulgarian easily, though, due to the Russian influence on the language. I’ve never visited the Balkan states, so I don’t know how they’re different from Russia and Belarus. Did you take any pictures and post them somewhere?

          • “For example, Russia compared to the rest of Europe is a cesspool of crime and poverty”
            -[raises eyebrow]. Not “compared to the rest of Europe”. Compared to Western and Northern Europe, yes. But not to, say, Albania or Moldova. Ukraine is much poorer than Russia; so is most of former Yugoslavia.
            “but I don’t think we should first consider Russian IQs, Russia’s history of authoritarian rule I think is more immediate.”
            -As the cases of Ukraine and the Philippines make clear, IQ isn’t everything. Also, Anatoly Karlin has a great post on where the IQ-GDP per capita (PPP) correlation breaks down (and where it holds up):