Whatever Happened to Pontius Pilate?

Whatever Happened to Pontius Pilate? May 9, 2015

Pilate's of the Caribbean

Allan Bevere shared this cartoon from Inherit the Mirth. It actually highlights something about the powerful. They have the audacity to claim that they are “traumatized” by their involvement in processes in which they snuff other human beings out of existence, and the luxury to cope with such trauma by relocating to someplace warm and opening a new business.

If you have the same kind of luxury, even on a smaller scale, then there are at least some respects in which you have more in common with Pilate than with Jesus.

But this is a cartoon, and so let’s not end on such a serious note, if we have the luxury of putting our troubles out of our mind. And so instead, let’s just remind ourselves of what happens if we accidentally leave out the apostrophe…



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