Messing With Absolutists

Messing With Absolutists June 1, 2015

Non Sequitur Messing with Absolutists

Today’s Non Sequitur. If God is a personal being, then God would have to have a sense of humor, to put up with the things that are said about God and in the name of God. If God was as intolerant as some of God’s purported followers are and make God out to be, then either fundamentalists, or atheists, or both, would be dealt with in a less comical fashion and long before reaching the pearly gates.

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  • jjramsey

    So is this take on God a Linux fan? 🙂

    • Gary

      Not Absolut. Finlandia and Open Source. Finns like to mess with Swedes.

  • Father Thyme

    God is actually a whale.

    1. Whales have more highly developed brain, specifically, a higher level of cortical folding, providing more room for more neurons.

    2. God created 70% of the world habitable for whales, leaving only a measly 30% for land lubbering brutes.

    Free Willy jumped over the barrier for your sins.