First Mandaean on Pluto

First Mandaean on Pluto July 27, 2015

Jim Davila noticed before I did that Charles Häberl‘s social media campaign to get part of Pluto named after Krun – the Mandaean lord of the underworld – was successful. The designation of one of Pluto’s recently-revealed land features with the name Krun marks the first time that a celestial body has been given a Mandaean name by anyone other than the Mandaeans themselves.

Although Wikipedia is not always reliable, on this matter it presumably is, given that the Krun page has been edited by Charles himself. And so click through for more information.


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  • Pat

    What is this image? Looks like a tardigrade, or water bear.

    • Gary

      The Wiki reference…
      “He has the form of a giant louse.[1]”

      • Gary

        Although this might be considered another slap at poor Pluto, in planet envy. Too bad it wasn’t a more respectable, super power, demon, God, goddess. It’s like calling your favorite pet dog “maggot” or “flea”.