Proof These Are The Last Days?

Proof These Are The Last Days? July 14, 2015

Fulfilling prophecy in the last days

This came my way via Facebook, and I thought I would share it here. I appreciate the irony that, by speaking falsely about the Book of Revelation and other parts of the Bible, and consistently being wrong about the future, many of the end-times focused Christians do indeed seem to be fulfilling Biblical predictions about the Last Days…

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  • Alan Christensen

    That just blew my mind, man!

  • Jeff Preuss


  • Of course, they’ve been flocking to false prophets fairly regularly for the past 2000 years – I guess the “last days” can last a long, long time.

    The easiest prophecies are the ones that predict events that we already know will happen …

    … “There will be wars …”

    • summers-lad

      “There will be wars …. but that does not mean the end has come.” It’s odd that some Christians take wars, earthquakes etc as signs that we are in the end times when Jesus said exactly the opposite.

      • Right … the end was supposed to come within the lifetime of the disciples, so that ship sailed a long time ago …

  • Brandon Roberts

    omg john hagee is the antichrist D:………satan has really low standards :/

    • Nathan Aldana

      To be fair, if theres any force truly that is the antichrist (m mind you, as an atheist I dont believe there is one). but he’s supposed to be charismatic as hell and bring people away from the teachings of jesus, right? Sounds like megachurch pastors to me.

      theyve done more to pervert christianity or drive people away from the church than anyone else.

      • Brandon Roberts

        true honestly i believe it’s impossible to know whether one exists or not and idc whether or not it exists

  • Shiphrah99


  • summers-lad

    Very good, but of course they’re only fulfilling the prophecy if we are in the last days.