Some Things You Just Don’t Do (According to Leviticus)

Some Things You Just Don’t Do (According to Leviticus) July 17, 2015


People in White Coats shared the above cartoon. It highlights a number of important things, including the fact that Leviticus mandates a great deal that Christians simply do not follow, or even try to follow, but also the character of a deity envisaged as “zapping” those who do not observe the laws.

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  • Gary

    From the Book of Legumes, “Suffering Succotash!”

  • Tim Keller makes the commonly heard argument that Jesus “fulfilled” the OT ceremonial laws (so that they no longer apply), but that OT moral laws are still in effect (though with less brutal punishments):

    Does Keller bother explaining how one can tell the difference between ceremonial laws and moral laws in texts such as Leviticus. Of course not, because there is no such separation! Texts about sexual behavior, treatment of slaves, kosher foods, agricultural rules, etc. are all interwoven in the same laws and regulations. The distinction that Keller is trying to sell does not exist!

    I can only see Keller as completely disingenuous when he says, “I vainly hope that one day someone will access their common sense (or at least talk to an informed theological advisor) before leveling the charge of inconsistency”, since he surely knows that there are plenty of theologians who actually do level such a charge at modern Christians who condemn behavior with the OT.

    Keller goes on to say that the NT has proscriptions about homosexuality as well, completely ignoring the fact that the charge of inconsistency can easily be leveled at the NT as well. I don’t think Keller silences women in his congregation, prohibits jewelry or haircuts, or returns slaves to their masters.

    That previous article was from 2012, but Keller still showed his sad anti-gay bias as recently as June of this year:

  • John MacDonald

    The believer needs “Ned Flanders Level Faith:” Flanders: I’m not a bad man. I don’t drink or dance or swear. I’ve done everything the Bible says, even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff! I’ve even kept kosher, just to stay on the safe side.