#GenCon 2015 Costumes

#GenCon 2015 Costumes August 1, 2015


Since Saturday is the day of the costume parade and contest, I decided to dress as the Fourth Doctor and show off the scarf my wife made. Here are some photos from the day:

2015-08-01 12.31.03

2015-08-01 15.03.572015-08-01 13.09.46 2015-08-01 13.12.32 2015-08-01 13.12.56 2015-08-01 15.02.342015-08-01 12.32.23 2015-08-01 13.04.42


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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    Tom Baker was the best one.

    • Nick G

      Nah – Patrick Troughton. (Who my father knew in the Royal Navy during WW2 – but of course that has no bearing on my opinion!)

  • Shiphrah99

    You need the hat.

    • I’ve been on the lookout for one. Unfortunately my hair is not curly…

      • arcseconds


        • And then I would also need to get contact lenses. I think it would make more sense to just get #5’s cricketer outfit…

          • arcseconds

            And practice your straight-arm overarm?

          • I have a better chance succeeding with that, than I do trying to grow curly hair like Tom Baker’s!

          • arcseconds

            I’m pretty sure we see number 5 bowl at one point, and also we see him with a cricket bat, but does he ever actually bat?

          • If he does, it would presumably been in the episode Black Orchid. I know he does in one of the Fifth Doctor comics I read when I was younger.

  • John Pieret

    Great scarf (congratulation to your wife)!

    As to the hat …


  • Jon-Michael Ivey

    Why are you recharging that Dalek by allowing its surface direct physical contact with a time traveler? Do you want it to go from inactive to killing everyone?