Media Kindly Promotes Academic Conference on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Media Kindly Promotes Academic Conference on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife August 25, 2015

The only explanation I can think of for why the media is focusing attention again on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is that Tony Burke persuaded them to give some free publicity to the upcoming York Christian Apocrypha Symposium.

Via the Archaeological News Tumblr, I learned of a LiveScience article by Owen Jarus which essentially says that tests are being done, and information is available, which could potentially yield results that might indicate something one way or the other. That doesn’t seem like “news” to me.

Among the biblioblogs, Mark Goodacre shared a guest post by Andrew Bernhard seeking closure. Christian Askeland interacted with others and shared his own thoughts. Jim Davila also blogged about the subject, and it got a mention in the Christian Post.

And if you haven’t been following it, see Tony’s series highlighting the speakers at the upcoming conference. So far he has mentioned Bart Ehrman, Brent Landau, Stanley Porter, Ross Ponder, and Brandon Hawk.



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